All Roads Lead to Rome (V.O.S.T.A.)

Directed by: Lara Saba



Chadi Haddad, Julia Kassar, Betty Taoutel, Myrna Moukarzel, Cynthia Karam, Ruba Zaarour


Genre: Comedy

Runtime: 1h29

Quality: Digital



••• This feature is presented in it's original Arabic, with English subtitles •••

Hadi Najim enjoys a prolific acting career on Lebanese television. When his European agent informs him that he is one of the two actors shortlisted to play the role of the Pope in a major international production, Hadi is over the moon. While taking a few days off in the countryside to prepare for his upcoming audition, he accidentally collides with a cyclist, Céline, who has no idea who he is. Coming to his aid, four nuns invite Hadi to stay in their convent. The encounter with these five women will be an opportunity for Hadi to receive a small lesson in humility.

Release Date:

December 1, 2023


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