Dernière nuit à Milan (V.O.F.)

Directed by: Andrea Di Stefano



Pierfrancesco Favino, Linda Caridi, Antonio Gerardi, Francesco Di Leva, Martin Francisco Montero Baez, Katia Mironova, Carlo Gallo, Mauro Negri


Genre: Dramatic Thriller

Runtime: 2h06

Quality: Digital



Franco Amore lives up to his name. He says of himself that throughout his life, he has always tried to be an honest man, a police officer who, in 35 years of an honorable career, has never shot anyone. These are indeed the words he writes for the speech he will give after his last night on duty. But this last night will be longer and more challenging than he imagines and will jeopardize everything that matters to him: his work for the State, his love for his wife Viviana, his friendship with his colleague Dino, and even his own life. And it is during this same night, in the streets of a Milan that never seems to see the light of day, that everything will unfold at a frenetic pace.

Release Date:

March 22, 2024


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