Crazy Racing

Directed by: Zhu Guo-Yang


Genre: Animation

Runtime: 1h36

Quality: Digital



Sloan is a teenager who is passionate about racing cars. Doug, his dad, doesn't like the idea of his son becoming a race car driver. To avoid disappointing his father, Sloan hides his passion and focuses on what is expected of him: his studies and helping run the family business. While Sloan is not interested in schoolwork, he does have a crush on his classmate Angela. To impress her, he sneaks out and takes her on an adventure in his dad's ice cream van, during which they get into an accident and the van is badly damaged. Luckily, Angela escapes with only a few bruises, but Sloan ends up with a mild concussion and new ability to predict certain situations before they happen. Angela's Uncle Mitch is able to repair the van; he also teaches Sloan a thing or two about driving. Just as life seems to be looking up, Doug arrives at the garage and accuses Mitch of spoiling his son. After a heated argument, it's revealed that Mitch and Doug have some history between them. They were once racing partners. Doug was the number one racer until he was set up by Scar, another driver who still runs his own race team. Sloan decides that he will do whatever it takes to win back a title that rightfully belongs to his family.

Release Date:

August 18, 2023