Adventures in the Land of Asha

Directed by: Sophie Farkas Bolla



Alex Dupras, Gaby Jourdain, Marilyse Bourque, Emmanuel Schwartz, Kevin Papatie, Eliot Miville-Deshchênes


Genre: Family

Runtime: 1h29

Quality: Digital



On a cold winter's day in 1940, Jules and his family move to live with his uncle, mayor of a settler's village in northern Quebec. He is banned from school because of his rare skin disease. From that moment on, his greatest wish is to be cured. When his dog Spark runs away into the wild forest, Jules has no choice but to look for him. On his way, he meets Asha, a mysterious young indigenous girl. Together, they venture to the other side of the forest, where nature reveals itself full of life and secrets.

Release Date:

July 7, 2023