Gulliver Returns

Directed by: Ilya Maksimov



Tyler Bunch, Wayne Grayson, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Billy Bob Thopson, Tom Wayland


Genre: Animation

Runtime: 1h30

Quality: Digital



World traveler and adventurer Gulliver is invited to return to Lilliput, the town he previously saved from the enemy fleet of the neighboring Blefuscu. When he arrives, he only finds indignation, panic and a hopeless crowd, as the King of Lilliput made his people believe that the legendary Giant Gulliver was returning. Instead, they discover an ordinary man, when the whole town had been getting ready and building accommodation to welcome a giant. Disappointed, the King orders Gulliver's execution. Meanwhile, the invincible Blefuscu armada is at the gates of the city and threatening again.

Release Date:

July 29, 2022