Les oiseaux ivres (V.O.F.)

Directed by: Ivan Grbovic



Jorge Antonio Guerrero, Marine Johnson, Claude Legault, Gilberto Barraza, Karl Walcott, Helene Florent


Genre: Drama

Quality: Digital



Willy and Marlena. She is the girlfriend of a cartel leader in Mexico, he is in love with the boss's wife. Fearing the worst, the lovers will flee on their own to survive better. Willy suspects that Marlena is hiding in Montreal, and in the hope of finding her, he goes to Quebec as a seasonal worker at Ferme Vinet. While friendship bonds are woven between foreign workers on the farm, a gap is growing between members of the Vinet family. Willy, unknowingly, will arouse the desire in Julie, the owner, and the situation will not be without consequences for the group - Willy is soon accused of a crime he hasn't committed.

Release Date:

September 17, 2021