Benvenuti al Sud (Italian with English subtitles)

Directed by: Luca Miniero



Claudio Bisio, Angela Finocchiaro, Alessandro Siani, Valentina Lodovini


Genre: Comedy

Quality: Digital





Benvenuti al Sud

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Alberto is the manager of a Post Office in a small town in the northwest of Italy. Under pressure from his wife Silvia, he will do anything to get a transfer to Milan, even going so far as to pre-tend he is disabled to get higher up on the transfer list ! But this trick doesn’t work and as a pun-ishment he is transferred to asmall town in the southern Campania region, which, for a person from the north, is a real nightmare. Full of prejudice, Alberto leaves alone to brave what he con-siders the land of camorra, full of dirty, lazy southerners. But, to his surprise, Alberto will instead find a fascinating place, with friendly colleagues, very hospitable people and a new best friend, the postman Mattia, who he will help to win the heart of the beautiful Maria.

Release Date:

June 19, 2018